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Big Bang Luna RossaAt TimeZone, Mike Margolis quotes an e-mail from Jean-Claude Biver. JC Biver would be the man behind Hublot. Heseems to go by some other smart CEO's from watch manufacturers, by posting and scanning on watch forums. Below his email, as quoted by Mike Margolis:"This a whole new sponsoring agreement made using Luna Rossa (which belongs in majority to Prada) to help make its own Big Bang, all in the materials utilized in the America s Cup boat. Full ceramic, Kevlar, carbon, titanium and rubber. A complete synergy relating to the boat plus the watch and also a total synergy backward and forward brands. Which can be both but not only luxury brands, but work both with all the fusion concept replica daytona rolex black watches . Actually we might not need an improved partner, fake rolex 1000 replica watches will probably be made and sold all over the world including in many of the Prada s flagship stores of Italy replica how to spot a fake rolex watch .An incredible event for Hublot plus a great opportunity to join the America s Cup!Deliveries will only come from November.The watch is often a 44,5mm ceramic Big Bang (same case as Black, however with a special carbon dial bearing the log of Luna Rossa).Luna Rossa is certainly a strong team and will adequately win the Cup. And we are not only with the best luxury brand, however are also which has a winning team." replica breitling old navitimer price watches
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